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Ever heard of Sea Blast?

The destructive effects of Sea Blast on your Coastal home. Sea Blast is the naturally occurring chemical reaction and effect to metals and metallic surfaces in Coastal Environments all over the world. This article will explain this reaction and why the Coastal Myrtle Beach area is prone to this natural effect and identify one of […]

Understanding Private Water (Well) Systems

What does your Myrtle Beach Home Inspector look for? This article is going to focus of the components of the well system, understanding how they work, and the importance of monitoring ground water quality. First we will look at the Water Cycle. It is most important to understand that all the available fresh water on […]

Pool System Inspection

What does your Myrtle Beach Home Inspector look for? The pool system is a relatively simple system with simple components that when used and maintained properly can last for a very long time. This article is going to identify all of the pool system components, how they work, and common problems found during the Myrtle […]

220 Volt Electrical Inspection

What does your Myrtle Beach Home Inspector look for? Verifying correct Amperage ratings on all Major Appliances. Every major appliance is designed to operate with a certain amount of current or flow of electricity. If the amount of current is too high the appliance will draw too much power which it is not designed for […]

110 Volt Electrical Inspection

What does your Myrtle Beach Home Inspector look for? Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI’s) Ground Fault circuit interrupters are a protection device used to prevent electrical shock where a water source is present. When water is combined with electricity the hazardous effects it has on human contact is amplified 10 x greater then the effects […]

Welcome to the COVID-19 Resource Centre

$50 COVID-19 Discount on all Home Inspection Services Call (352) 665 9900 for Booking Welcome to LAB Home Inspections LLC Where we always provide; Better Reporting, Better Experience, Guaranteed Lowest Pricing, FREE STUFF! and not conspiracy theories. COVID-19 RESOURCE CENTRE NEW- Non Profit- At Home COVID-19 Test Kits from Everlywell Learn More CDC- Revised Death […]

Plumbing System Inspection

What does a Myrtle Beach Home Inspector look for? Drain, Waste & Venting The drainage system in a home is pretty straight forward, waste goes down hill get paid on Friday. The most important thing is proper connections, flow path of least resistance, and proper venting and trapping to ensure sewer gases do not back […]

12 Ways to assess your HVAC System

Ducting Ducting or duct work is the distribution method to transfer air from the air handler to the different rooms of the home. This system is designed by an engineer and then installed by a professional. If the system is not designed by an engineer you risk the chance of the system not having a […]

Amperage assessment for Major Appliances

Ask a Home Inspector? In almost every Myrtle Beach Home Inspection we find an incorrect amperage rating (size of circuit breaker) in the main Electrical Service Panel for several Major Appliances (yes, several). The primary reason for this is the Electrician does not coordinate with other trades persons to confirm the amperage requirements on any […]