110 Volt Electrical Inspection

What does your Myrtle Beach Home Inspector look for?

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI’s)

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters are protection devices used to prevent electrical shock where a water source is present. When water is combined with electricity, the hazardous effects it has on human contact is amplified 10 x greater than the effects of human contact with only electricity. GFCI works when passing electrical current through hot (110 Volts) and neutral (0 Volts) wires is interrupted or altered by as little as .001 amps or comes in contact with any level of moisture, the power supply is terminated instantly. Here are a few concerns your Myrtle Beach Home Inspector will be looking for when inspecting the GFCI branch circuits in the home.


110V Power, Lighting, & Switching

Most residential power, lighting, and switching is using 110 Volts of electricity. It is critically important that all of the wiring powering all of these electrical points is protected from human contact and the natural atmospheric elements such as saline and moisture, both act as an agent of corrosion and deteriorate both wiring as well as the electrical device promoting an unsafe living environment. Here are some of the things the Myrtle Beach Home Inspector will be looking for.

Small Appliances

It is very important that all fixed small appliances are powered by a dedicated power source in the event that there is a fault along the branch circuit the small appliance is not effected or damaged in any way. All of the items listed below are things to watch for in order for the appliance to operate safely, effectively and not reduce its lifespan.


Other Considerations

Here are a few additional items that your Myrtle Beach Home Inspector will be looking for during the Myrtle Beach Home Inspection:


Overall, the 110 Volt electrical system is very important and provides the basic electrical function of every home in the US. This article represents a few of the more common electrical concerns found during a home inspection and are a great starting point for any Home Buyer, Seller or Realtor to assess or identify problems that may exist and otherwise provide insight as to electrical work that has been done by unqualified persons.


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