What Your Home Insurance Provider Is Not Telling You

How to Save up to 88% on Wind & Hail Insurance

Wind & Hail Insurance can be as high as $500/year with no claims ever paid out because projectiles or missiles (anything self-propelled through the air during a major storm) never come in contact with the home, and all new homes built since 1997 have some of the required specifications to prevent wind and hail damage during a major storm.

In order to qualify for savings on Wind & Hail Insurance, the home must have certain protective specifications added to the exterior of the home and/ or certain preventative measures added during the construction process. If this is achieved the homeowner  can then obtain a WIND MITIGATION VERIFICATION CERTIFICATION from a local Myrtle Beach Home Inspector, contractor, engineer, or architect and submit the form to the home insurance provider.

Home insurance providers are federally mandated to provide this discount to policyholders, which is probably the exact reason you have never heard of it!

Typically the WIND MITIGATION VERIFICATION CERTIFICATION will cost $250 to complete, which is very reasonable considering you will save roughly that amount year after year. 

Let’s review the criteria needed in order to qualify for a Wind Mitigation Verification Certification in the Grand Strand.

Roofing Materials

Any roof that has a lifespan over 50 years qualifies as a roof suitable to withstand high winds and hail. Some of these types commonly found in the Grand Strand are Clay Tile, Concrete Tile, Metal and Slate roofing. If you have a newer asphalt shingle roof of less than 10 years (3-tab) or 20 years (Architectural), the property will also qualify for a discount on Wind & Hail Insurance.


The following are examples of the roofing materials found in the Myrtle Beach area and there respective lifespans.


Roof Structure

For most homes built in the last 50 years, the building code with respect to how roof sheathing is fastened to the roof trusses or framing has not changed. Therefore, by default almost all homes have the same roof structure and qualify for a discount on your Wind & Hail Insurance.

Roof to Wall Connection

This is one of the most important elements of hurricane protection. If the roof fails or is disconnected from the building envelope during a major wind/ storm event, the building is by definition destroyed and will need to be demolished. If however, the following items can be found in the attic space, then you qualify for a discount on your Wind & Hail Insurance. The good news here is that all homes built in the Grand Strand after 1997 have these provisions specified in the construction drawings and have been installed according to an engineers recommendation.

Hurricane Clips

Opening Protection

Protecting all openings to the home is of significant importance. This has everything to do with barometric pressure inside and outside the home. The pressure inside the home is always higher than the pressure outdoors. In case of a major storm or hurricane, the outdoor pressure drops dramatically. It is important to understand that real damage happens to a home when the pressure difference from outdoors to indoors is neutralized, so maintaining a significantly higher pressure inside the home during a major storm or hurricane is essential.

Homes that qualify for a Wind Mitigation Verification Certification have 2 very important characteristics such as Impact Resistant Windows, or Storm Shutters or both. If these two elements are part of your home’s exterior, the home will qualify for a discount on the Wind & Hail Insurance.

It really does make a lot of sense to get a Wind Mitigation Verification Certification, considering the long-term savings on Wind & Hail Insurance, and to protect the home against hurricanes and other natural disasters. Typically the Wind Mitigation Verification Certification is valid for 7 years, which makes the initial investment pale in comparison to the savings accumulated over the lifespan of the certification.


It’s pretty easy to understand, and you probably wonder why you’ve never heard of it! If you or someone you know has a home with a long-lasting roof, storm shutters, or impact resistant windows (or all of the above), let them know that they could save hundreds of dollars annually with a Wind Mitigation Verification Certification.


My team and I at LAB Home Inspections hope you really enjoyed this article!


If you have specific questions about your home, or would like to schedule a Wind Mitigation Certification, please contact Darren directly:


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