UPCS Inspections Consulting

This protocol is the standard for inspections conducted by HUD, USDA and IRS Tax Credit housing throughout the country. REAC PASS scores allow the condition of both privately and publicly owned, subsidized, and insured properties across the country to be compared within one standard scoring system.

HUD requires the use of the UPCS protocols in public housing during 100% annual inspections (replacing the HQS protocol). How well you score when the REAC Inspector pays you a visit, will be determined by how well you conduct these annual inspections.

Pre-REAC Inspections

“How to Achieve the Highest Score at the Least Cost”

Perhaps of the greatest confusion we attempt to dissipate is that the goal of a Pre-REAC inspection is to find however many imperfections as would be prudent and afterward fix them all.

We accept a genuinely equipped REAC specialist ought to help a client in isolating the most elevated scoring surrenders from those that scarcely influence the score, so a viable technique can be created to accomplish the most noteworthy conceivable REAC score with minimal consumption of important time and cash and minimal disturbance to ordinary tasks. It is our objective that the direction we give in this space will continuously save our clients essentially additional time and cash than the expense of our administrations so the choice to have us lead your pre-inspection turns into a “easy” decision, addressing an unequivocal net reserve funds to the property.

We recommend doing your pre-REAC inspection from 60 to 120 days before forthcoming REAC inspection. This gives more than adequate opportunity to remediate the recognized lacks before the authority REAC review. Waiting until the last minute could cost big points as there are some deficiencies that may take longer to remedy.


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